During the year of 1972 a group of Morris Engines employees decided that it would be a good idea to form a works camping and caravan club as other British Leyland factories had done.

To form a club there had to be fifty employees willing to be members, and a committee formed controlled by a secretary answerable to the Sports and Social club of Coventry Morris Engines.

This was achieved and an application to join the British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association, who hold the exemption licenses to allow members to camp was put forward.

November 1972 we became members of the British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association along with 15 other Leyland factory clubs allowing us to rally with any club in the association Easter 1973 saw the Club out on its first rally at Bracelands site in the Forest of Dean, and Easter ever after has become the Clubs official birthday. Since then we have run hundreds of rallies with members having a great time and making many friends.

At the AGM in 1983 membership were asked if they wanted to become a private club within the association as the future of Coventry Morris Engines was in jeopardy along with many other Leyland factories. This would mean that there would be no assistance from the factory, but we would be under our own and the Associations control. It was passed that we become a private club thus opening up membership to all camping and caravanners, as we are today.

Over the years we have enjoyed ourselves in our hobby and in so doing helped others not so fortunate as ourselves in fundraising for charities on our rallies, holding dog shows, awning sales, entering our own float in carnivals, and even winning best float. We were the first club in the Association to run winter, Christmas, and New Year rallies, which are still as popular today.

We used to have a very strong Youth Section but due to lack of younger members it fell into decline but efforts are being made to rekindle it again with help from the younger element of the Committee who are very keen to see its revival. The Computer age is definitely the future of our way of living so we have opened a web site to advertise, and inform ALL CAMPERS AND CARAVANNERS that Coventry Morris Engines Camping and Caravan Club is still alive and will continue to promote all the joys of camping and caravanning to all walks of life.